Introduction, The Group Philosophy

Pater Holding Company Ltd. Incorporates a family controlled business Group that is primarily concerned with the representation and distribution of automobiles. Although the Holding Company was set up in 1976, its core business operations can be traced back some thirty years before that to its founding Company, United Commercial Industrial and Maratime (UCIM) Company Limited, founded in 1947.

Key characteristics that have defined the Group from the outset and have contributed towards making continued success possible include;

  • A Commitment to maintain a professional, yet personal, approach to business.
  • A positive vision and belief in creating an eclectic mix of young and experienced collaborators at all levels of the organization.
  • A drive to innovate so as to remain at the forefront of the spheres in which it’s Companies operate.
  • A desire to be regarded as a customer centric Group Of Companies, one where everyone has the ability to learn about the wants and needs of customers and the market.
  • A Focus to meet, and where possible, exceed, client expectations.
  • A pledge to continuously invest in both equipment and human resources.


These characteristics have not only assured constant recognition from long - standing business partners, but have also helped to create new business opportunities, the majority of which have grown into long term, close relation collaborations.